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Are you looking for a suitable South Eastern Asian blockchain company? Consider the Top 10 Blockchain Developers Companies of Vietnam. Blockchain technology enables the production of an abbreviation that permanently records the details of the transaction. This way, the technology encourages openness and efficiency and offers innovative updates in finance, supply chain management, etc. At present, companies find it incredibly hard to choose a suitable blockchain developer. At Topbrands, you may easily browse and evaluate Vietnamese blockchain technology businesses.

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SotaTek is part of the IT Outsourcing & Consulting Group (SDaaS) Sota Holdings, a global service software development. We provide sustainable Software Development, including Web/App/Game Development, Blockchain, AI & Machine Learning, ERP, IT Consultancy with cost-effective solutions for enterprises of all sizes.

In 6 years of development, our 500+ talent team has top IT consultants and development professionals that are committed to ensuring that clients of diverse sectors such as Banking & Finance, Automotive, Retail & Hospitality, Health Care, Education, Media & Entertainment have optimal project results.


SotaTek supplied our customers from 21 countries globally with 350 projects in full-cycle IT services and expanded rapidly. With more than 350 projects. Our main goal is to provide solutions with the newest technological application to meet company needs.

Hanoi, Vietnam, is our headquarters. Osaka & Tokyo, Japan, has international offices with global customers from the US, European Union, United Kingdom, ANZ, Middle East, Asia. The company also has an international network.

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7F, CIC Tower, 219 Trung Kinh Hanoi, Vietnam
84 | (0)24 | 6658 | 5248

Ekoios Technology

Ekoios is a global software development company focused on blockchain technology, AI, and mobile applications development. Based in Vietnam, the world’s rising IT hub with young, skilled, and motivated employees, we provide start-up businesses and businesses with cost-effective solutions.


Our strength is the capability to consult our customers from the ideation stage of a project on both the business front and technical side and the highest commitment to delivering the product successfully on time

We’re proud to be the leading Vietnamese Blockchain & AI firm and have delivered comprehensive IT services to US, Canadian, Japanese, Singapore, Turkey, Malaysia, United Kingdom clients.

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4F CIC Tower Lane 219 Trung Kinh ST, Yen Hoa Cau Giay, Vietnam
+84 24 6658 3530

QSoft Vietnam

Founded in 2005, QSoft Vietnam quickly defines its place as one of the leading Software development and website Design companies in Vietnam. Our knowledge, competence, best-equipped facility, professional management, and commitment have brought our customers’ utmost satisfaction. In contrast, our clients rewarded us with rapid and sustainable growth over the past 5 years.


Being situated in Hanoi Vietnam, QSoft Vietnam effectively flourishes in a rising and competitive hi-tech market as a top-ranked software development business, software outsourcing service provider, and cost-effective website design agency. QSoft Vietnam provides you with top and complete solutions in Offshore Outsourcing Development Service, Software Development, Custom Website Design, and Mobile Application Development.

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No 47, Number 23 str, Pham Van Dong Bac Tu Liem dist, Hanoi, Vietnam


Pangara is a trusted Tech Partner with clients in Australia, Europe, the United Kingdom, and the United States. We are a group of seasoned developers, designers, and business strategists. Our objective is to deliver critical business knowledge to our clients’ digital roadmaps.


Pangara works on software development projects internationally. Customers and partners are turning to us because they want to make their business flexible, affordable, and high quality.

Pangara provides services: 

  • Projects for a fixed price
  • Resource allocation

Pangara’s team staff has 50 persons today and is growing fast. We have carried out over 1,000 projects in 15 countries to customers up to 2020.

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11 Ho Ba Kien, Ward 15, district 10, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
076 014 3635

Dwarves Foundation

Dwarves Foundation is a global research-focused technology firm. We assist businesses in developing, shipping high-quality software, providing staffing services, and investing in people who create the next big thing.

Rather than simply providing features, we prioritize delivering the proper solution that provides meaningful business value. Working with us, you’ll be working with a dedicated team focusing solely on your needs and goals.


What distinguishes Dwarves Foundation:

  • We prefer microservices and serverless architecture.
  • Our primary voices are Golang, ReactJS, Elixir, Swift, and AWS.
  • Co-founder and Organizer of GopherCon Vietnam.
  • From cloud platforms and e-commerce to banking and healthcare logistics routing systems, we have extensive experience.
  • We practice craftsmanship and adhere to Agile. For years, we’ve been implementing Scrumban with a lean mindset.

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200 Ba Thang Hai, Ho Chi Minh

Chainos Solution

Chainos Solution JSC has its headquarters in Hanoi and is an advanced Vietnamese software outsourcer with flagship locations in Japan and Korea. Our considerable expertise in the latest technologies has helped organizations around the world develop customized WebApp, MobileApp, AI, Blockchain software.


With over 200 talented individuals constantly striving for the newest developments, Chainos Solution helps bring cost-efficiency and rocket sales revenues to our 150+ multi-national partners from multiple industry domains such as Media & Entertainment, Financing, Health & Wellness, Real Estate, Telecommunication, Government, etc.

Following the customer philosophy in the technology business, we have achieved a fantastic reputation and are more than 95% satisfied with customers.

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8th floor, HL Tower, No 6/82 Duy Tan street, Dich Vong Hau ward, Cau Giay district Hanoi, Vietnam

TMA Innovation

TMA Innovation aspires to make technology simple, frequent, more affordable, and cost-effective for every company. TMA Innovation offered numerous unique new technologies utilized by goods such as data technology, artificial intelligence, big data, IoT, Blockchain, and others to clients from across the world over a decade-long investment in technology. TMA is renowned as a leading technology company in Vietnam.

TMA Innovation
TMA Innovation

TMA Innovation operates with a desire to make the latest technologies more accessible for firms and industries worldwide to modernization across various fields and industries, with more than 24 years of intensive experience in researching and creating thousands of corporate solutions for leading global enterprises and an abundant workforce of 2,700 skilled engineers from TMA Solutions.

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TMA Tower, Street No.10, Quang Trung Software City, Tan Chanh Hiep Ward, District 12, Ho Chi Minh City
+84 2839 951 059


Founded in 2016, Hekate is a pioneering company in Vietnam’s Artificial Intelligence Chatbot that aims to provide AI benefits to all. We consider AI to be at the heart of the fourth industrial revolution to revolutionize all business sectors. We offer business AI – technology that enables companies to optimize all business and commercial processes, particularly chatbot in their company activities and automatic customer care. Hekate is a technology partner of Facebook, Microsoft, and Amazon are supporting worldwide start-up accelerators. Hekate technology produces more than 10,000 chatbots, like Lotte, Path, Timo Bank, Chevrolet, Suzuki, Trung Nguyen, etc.


Hekate incorporates artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities into our software to bring more intelligent, automated solutions. Our AI technologies support varied contexts and scale to suit evolving business needs, from machine learning to computer vision to natural language processing (NLP) to forecasting and optimization.

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31 Tran Phu St, Da Nang, Vietnam
090 657 73 79


You have arrived at the right place if you are looking for a competitive software outsourcing development service for your project. At Hachinet, we provide you the possibility to recruit engineers, establish a team in our office and relieve you from the recruitment load.

Not only are we very technically advanced and professional but also fluent in Japanese and able to communicate directly with customers; thus, we believe that we can innovate and improve the products and services. We also believe that we can offer our customers international software firms in Japan, United States, or Singapore.


HACHINET offers service:

  • Web app 1. (.NET, JAVA, PHP)
  • Framework (ASP, MVC, AngularJS, Angular6, Node JS, Vue JS)
  • Application Mobile: IOS (Swift) and Android Mobile (Kotlin, Android)
  • Application of the system (Cobol, ERP)
  • New technologies (Blockchain, etc.)

Why should you choose HACHINET SOFTWARE?

  • Secure Project Success for 100 percent.
  • Customer Satisfaction Engagement.
  • After project implementation, free Maintenance & Support services.

Contact Info

234 Pham Van Dong Hanoi, Vietnam
(+84) 24 | 6290 | 0388

ICTS Custom Software

ICTS is a software development store established in Vietnam that focuses on cutting-edge technologies.

Our 30 engineer team specializes in customized CRM/ERP for companies wanting to optimize the production of their products or develop their e-commerce department. We also create applications for SMEs, helping them enhance their revenue or visualizing their ideas into minimally sustainable and scalable products.


As a technological start-up, we understand the difficulties and obstacles facing every entrepreneur every day. ICTS Custom Software is always trying to counsel and propose the most cost-effective solutions. We do not restrict our customer base by sector to discover new insights and best practices in every business while we can address our problem for our customers, as long as our technology core permits.

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Phu Thai building, Dich Vong Hau Hanoi, Vietnam


Please contact us.

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